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Today in Pride and Prejudice: Really, Darcy? REALLY?

Nicely done, Fitzwilliam Darcy. A classy proposal, on all counts. You ticked off all the boxes here: insulted the lady, insulted her family, insulted her way of life--and you snuck in a few words of undying love. Well done. How on Earth could any lady resist? Let's review: You started off pretty well--shocked the lady… Continue reading Today in Pride and Prejudice: Really, Darcy? REALLY?

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One Year

So. This blog, my little corner of the internet, has been around for a year. I know, it doesn't sound like much, but one year ago, while suffering from a particularly bad bout of insomnia, I started this little blog. And here's a confession: many, many of my posts have been written at some insanely… Continue reading One Year

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Happy Birthday, Miss Austen!

This says it rather well, doesn't it? Dear reader, today, two hundred and forty-one years ago, a lovely woman by the name of Jane Austen was born. Without her, there would be no Emma, Persuasion, and--Heaven help us all--no Pride and Prejudice. In other words, we would not be "excessively diverted" every time we picked… Continue reading Happy Birthday, Miss Austen!