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College Series, Part I

It's been a goal of mine for the past few months to write another homeschooling series. For those of you who haven't recently visited the About page, I am homeschooled--and while there are a lot of posts out there by homeschooling parents, there aren't quite as many by the children themselves. My original Homeschooling series… Continue reading College Series, Part I

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Back to (Home) School

I don't know about you, but where I'm from, homeschoolers' summer vacation is a depressing thing. For one thing, we don't see each other during the summer; co-op's not starting until September, and we're all fairly spread out. For another, most of us still have homework in one form or another. I, for instance, have… Continue reading Back to (Home) School

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Homeschooler, Part II

  In my previous post, I began a who-knows-how-long series on homeschooling. I consider myself to be an authority on the subject, considering that I am, after all, homeschooled. This post, I think, is about the 'funny stuff': all the humour related to the fascinating and mysterious world of homeschoolers. So: questions. In no particular order,… Continue reading Homeschooler, Part II