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Anne of the Island, Anne with an ‘e’

Remember, when way back in January, I was noodling around with the idea of some Anne-inspired posts? Well, nine months later, this is the first post devoted entirely to Anne of Green Gables. She's made appearances in other posts, but this is the first one that's all Anne. I know, I know, this is supposedly a… Continue reading Anne of the Island, Anne with an ‘e’

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A Most Excellent Essay

Hello, Gentle Reader, as the ever-quotable Miss Manners would say. This post is going to be really short--just a link, really. I am subscribed to the Jane Austen Centre's newsletter, and ever so regularly, a bunch of random, Jane Austen-related news pops into my inbox. Along with a bunch of advertisements for their gift shop,… Continue reading A Most Excellent Essay