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Rilla of Ingleside and Wacky Covers

As I write this, it's Armistice Day. It's a very important Armistice Day, in fact--the 100th anniversary of the end of the Great War. So let's have a moment of silence, please, and consider the sacrifices made during that "war to end all wars." But solemn as I believe this holiday ought to be, I… Continue reading Rilla of Ingleside and Wacky Covers

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Miss Elizabeth Recommends…

Today, we talk books. I've told you I love books, haven't I? A caveat, though: I hate ebooks. I mean, why would anyone in their right mind go for a soulless chunk of...what are Kindles and Nooks (and whatever else is out there now) made of?--When they could have this one of these: Real books have… Continue reading Miss Elizabeth Recommends…