Ten Valentine’s Day Films

Hello, dears! It's February fourteenth, and you know what that means--tomorrow's Discount Chocolate Day! Oh, and it's Valentine's Day. That, too. This is probably not the only list of films you'll se floating around the internet today (The Silver Petticoat Review has lists from here to there), but I thought I might try something I… Continue reading Ten Valentine’s Day Films

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The Truly Romantic Tag | Lovely Blog Party

And they're off! Cordy's Lovely Blog Party has begun, and as ever, there is a tag. Guessed that, didn't you? I suppose the post's title was a bit of a spoiler. Well, let us proceed--I expect the rest of the month will be pleasingly full of love, chocolate, and general schmalziness. 'Swonderful! Isn't it romantic… Continue reading The Truly Romantic Tag | Lovely Blog Party