Candidate Number One…

I know, I know...three posts in under a week! Miss Elizabeth must be losing her head. This is just a quick little post to introduce you to the first candidate for the new blog format--Button 2. I have to say, I'm quite fond of it--and I love the background I found (I have a feeling… Continue reading Candidate Number One…


A Quick Question

Every year, around my blogiversary, I change the look of the blog. It's something I do. Last year, I changed the colors--but this year, I'm considering something entirely different. You see, I've grown a little tired of my current template... Yes. I am suggesting a template change. This basically means that the entire look, and… Continue reading A Quick Question


In Which Miss Elizabeth Apologizes and Explains

My dears. I haven't been written a post since July. And I haven't written a "proper" post--i.e., one that isn't a reply to an award or an explanation for not having posted--since May. I apologize. This blog, my little corner of the internet, has been neglected. Cobwebs are gathering, dust is settling, and mice are… Continue reading In Which Miss Elizabeth Apologizes and Explains