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Rilla of Ingleside and Wacky Covers

As I write this, it's Armistice Day. It's a very important Armistice Day, in fact--the 100th anniversary of the end of the Great War. So let's have a moment of silence, please, and consider the sacrifices made during that "war to end all wars." But solemn as I believe this holiday ought to be, I… Continue reading Rilla of Ingleside and Wacky Covers

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An Austenesque Advice Column

It should be mentioned here that I love reading advice columns. It's always nice to know that someone else is having bigger problems than me. Back when I my local paper carried Miss Manners, that was my go-to column, just because I've always loved the style of it. The paper has since stopped carrying Miss Manners (for… Continue reading An Austenesque Advice Column

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Homeschooler, Part II

  In my previous post, I began a who-knows-how-long series on homeschooling. I consider myself to be an authority on the subject, considering that I am, after all, homeschooled. This post, I think, is about the 'funny stuff': all the humour related to the fascinating and mysterious world of homeschoolers. So: questions. In no particular order,… Continue reading Homeschooler, Part II

Today in Pride and Prejudice

Today in Pride and Prejudice-A Slough of Events

In all fairness, the title should read, "This Week in Pride and Prejudice," because starting on the 12th, all Hell seems to break loose in the Bennet household, Jane is invited to Netherfield. And, by a clever (and mildly insane) plan of Mrs. Bennet's, nearly dies. Oh, wait:This covers about the 12th through the 14th, at… Continue reading Today in Pride and Prejudice-A Slough of Events