Hello, I’m Miss Elizabeth, Jane Austen fanatic, elder sister, book lover, and perpetual overachiever. Welcome to what on the internet amounts to my parlor. There’s a pot of tea here—your choice, but I prefer Earl Grey—along with a selection of tea sandwiches and scones. Sadly, we can’t have tea in person—I’m over here, and you’re over there, after all—but we can imagine that we are.

Modern Miss Bennet began in 2016 or so, fueled by love for Jane Austen, period dramas, and not a little insomnia. Over time, it has become less Austen-centric and more of a books, films, Pride and Prejudice, homeschooling, and a repository of strange anecdotes. Jane Austen is still a prominent player here, but you’ll also find book recommendations, ramblings about films, Anne of Green Gables, posts about homeschooling, and an occasional recipe. It’s fun—formalwear is not required, but I will not scorn you for wearing a large hat.

About me: I’m a vintage and Victorian-obsessed homeschooler who would much rather sit in a rocking chair and make lace than go off and interact with other humans. If it’s a sunny day, I’ll go and sit in the garden with the dog—provided that it’s one of the three months where it isn’t snowing. I love reading—and I don’t have a book problem per se…but I think books have just started following me home. I’m a theater kid and a choir mom; I don’t have any children, but if you hear me referring to my “sixty children,” I’m probably talking about my theater and choir kids.

I’m also an autoimmune warrior—someday, I might write a post or two about living with autoimmune disease (and I’ve been meaning to do this for some time), but this is not an autoimmune blog. After all, we come here to escape reality.

But come in, sit down, and have a cup of tea. I’ve been waiting for you to visit, be this your first time or your fifth. Don’t mind the dog—he’ll beg for scones, but don’t let him have any. Let’s sit and have a bit of tea and a chat—welcome to Modern Miss Bennet.