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An Austenesque Advice Column

It should be mentioned here that I love reading advice columns. It's always nice to know that someone else is having bigger problems than me. Back when I my local paper carried Miss Manners, that was my go-to column, just because I've always loved the style of it. The paper has since stopped carrying Miss Manners (for… Continue reading An Austenesque Advice Column

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Today in Pride and Prejudice: Really, Darcy? REALLY?

Nicely done, Fitzwilliam Darcy. A classy proposal, on all counts. You ticked off all the boxes here: insulted the lady, insulted her family, insulted her way of life--and you snuck in a few words of undying love. Well done. How on Earth could any lady resist? Let's review: You started off pretty well--shocked the lady… Continue reading Today in Pride and Prejudice: Really, Darcy? REALLY?

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The Four Fictional Characters Tag

So...I got tagged for the Four Fictional Characters Tag (thanks, Rae!) The Rules: Link back to the person who tagged you List four fictional characters (use pictures if you want! They can be from movies or books) and, if you like, describe what they're like and why you believe they relate to you Tag a… Continue reading The Four Fictional Characters Tag

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Happy Birthday, Miss Austen!

This says it rather well, doesn't it? Dear reader, today, two hundred and forty-one years ago, a lovely woman by the name of Jane Austen was born. Without her, there would be no Emma, Persuasion, and--Heaven help us all--no Pride and Prejudice. In other words, we would not be "excessively diverted" every time we picked… Continue reading Happy Birthday, Miss Austen!