So…I got tagged for the Four Fictional Characters Tag (thanks, Rae!)

The Rules:

  1. Link back to the person who tagged you
  2. List four fictional characters (use pictures if you want! They can be from movies or books) and, if you like, describe what they’re like and why you believe they relate to you
  3. Tag a few other blog people! Three, or four, or even twenty. 🙂 Share the fun! Be sure to let them know you’ve tagged them!

Having gotten No. 1 out of the way:

Elizabeth Bennet

I could easily forgive his pride, had he not mortified mine.


This was inevitable, don’t you think? Just look around this website, and you’ll see what I mean. But I feel a certain kinship with Elizabeth Bennet–starting with parents: I have one whom I adore, and another who drives me to distraction. I have a sister who, in a few years, will probably be a Lydia–and I quake in my boots at the thought. There is also the sarcasm and love of books…oh, and I am extremely, extremely prejudiced–probably one of my greater character flaws.

Anne Shirley

I wouldn’t mind misfortunes so much if they were romantic, but they are always simply ridiculous.


Let’s start with the hair…not red, but definitely auburn. Then the writing–I’m one of those weird ones who enjoys writing research papers, but I always feel the need to balance that out with a few good stories. In fact, a few friends of mine have a monthly “magazine” in which we publish each other’s stories.

I also have a freakishly overactive imagination, a natural gift for getting myself into scrapes, and…we’re both INFPs*

Marian Paroo

“All I want is a plain man, a modest man, a quiet man; a straightforward and honest man, to sit with me…”


I played Marian Paroo, the famous librarian of River City, Iowa, in my theater company’s production of The Music Man. Out of all of these fictional characters, she’s probably the one I have the most in common with–a bookish, sarcastic musician/librarian with a heart of gold underneath all of those porcupine quills.

Then there’s the shared personality trait of INFJ*, the starchiness (the word gets applied to me by the children in the choir I work at), and what I consider to be some of the greatest fashion sense around.

Also, hate me if you like, but I prefer the 2003 version with Kristin Chenoweth and Matthew Broderick to the 1962 Robert Preston and Shirley Jones one. The age gap isn’t as creepy, and the singing is (in my humble opinion) better.


“You want hair, marry a monkey.”

I am at the moment unable to find a suitable picture of either myself or anyone else in this role. But if I come across a good one, I’ll update 🙂

Bet you didn’t see this one coming, did you? Well, I’m quite the mother hen. So the role of Golde was pretty near perfect for me (although Marian the Librarian is the all-time favorite) She’s a character who oozes sarcasm, manages to control five children, instill fear and respect in her husband–but it’s because she loves them. Marry Tzeitel to Lazar Wolf? Sure–she won’t go hungry. Let Hodel go to Siberia? Never–she’ll freeze! Unfortunately, while the household runs like clockwork, she’s kind of forgotten how to be nice…a bit like me, sadly.

And there you have it: the four fictional characters to whom I relate the most! I definitely see a pattern–all are females with a good deal of wit and intelligence. All (even Golde) found love in the end–yours truly is a sucker for true love (cue the priest from The Princess Bride. If you don’t know what I mean here, go to your nearest library and rent their VHS tape of the movie. Then finish reading this post)

Without further ado, I tag the following people:

Miss Dashwood

Miss Marianne

Miss March

You, dear reader, should you want to participate. Just link back to me, and I will delight in seeing what fictional characters you relate to.

Yours, etc.

Miss Elizabeth


*For those of you wondering either what these letters are, or why I used two different sets: back when I took Psychology, we had to take the Jungian personality test (aka the Briggs Myers test). We took it five times over a one-month period, and I got the result of INFP three times, and INFJ twice. I wasn’t entirely sure what to do with these results, so I refer to myself as a judgy INFP 🙂

Oh, and for those of you who have absolutely no idea what these letters mean, I stands for Introverted, N for iNtuition, F for Feeling, P for Perceiving, and J for Judging.


One thought on “The Four Fictional Characters Tag

  1. Indeed, what a suprise. The blogger who goes by Miss Elizabeth Bennet finds herself relating to Miss Elizabeth Bennet! 😉 Really though, marvellous choice. Love the similarities.

    And Anne!! Splendid choice! Those similarities are darling, I like you all the more.

    I don’t recognize the other two…

    Thanks for doing it, Miss Elizabeth! I love it!

    Liked by 1 person

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