Hello, dear reader! This post tackles the strange and wonderful world of two things which do not mix well: Homeschooling and College.

Scared yet?

I think the prospect of college terrifies all of us, unless you’re my brother, who can’t wait to get the heck out of here. But strange, wanderlust-filled creatures aside, we see college as a new and kinda scary experience.

Confession: I actually shoved college off by a year. I can do this because a) I’m homeschooled, and b) I’m a year younger than my grade level, and there’s no point in making an Austen-obsessed, socially awkward girl any more awkward, right? The English language actually has a word for this: procrastination. I am not like my peers, who seem to be in an absolute hurry to go as far as possible, as quickly as possible.


This, on the other hand, describes me at the thought of college:

kevingifSee? Not pretty.

Then there’s the small detail that some colleges think that “homeschooled” is synonymous with “lack of credibility”. I’m not certain of what we ever did to cause them to think this, but whatever we did, it made them complicate things for us.

Yes, I clearly have pretty deep chip on my shoulder about this. It may have something to do with the fact that my mother started me on looking at college requirements when I was–wait for it–twelve. In retrospect, I’m glad she did, but twelve, Mama?

Apparently, colleges are now seeking out homeschoolers. I say “apparently”, because no matter how many college websites I go to, the only one that makes applying easy for homeschoolers is West Point. Everything else makes you take both the ACT and SAT, SAT subject tests, recommends that you take as many APs as possible, or wants extra essays. Maybe it’s just the colleges I’ve looked at, but none of them are exactly screaming “come here, we like homeschoolers!”

And to think that I thought I could write about this subject in a remotely dignified fashion. Ah, well; next time! Speaking of next time: I’m noodling with the idea of a Q&A, if I get enough questions for one. So–questions, comments, stories–send them over!

Do you know of any homeschool-friendly colleges?

How traumatic were applications for you?

And are applications as bad as I’ve made them out to be?

Yours, etc.

Miss Elizabeth




One thought on “Homeschooler, Part IV

  1. Okay, so I’m in college right now. As a homeschool graduate. Buuut…It’s Community College. Which made things WAY simpler and frankly far less impressive because literally everyone gets in (and I meant that literally literally) and they really don’t care as long as your GPA is above a 2.5 and then you have to test to see which Math and English you do, which I just had to show them my SAT scores. So, it really wasn’t much of a hassle. And the nice thing about that is…When I transfer to a 4-year college, they will look more at my grades and transcript here, as a transfer student, not as a graduating homeschooler. I think. Anyway, so it wasn’t that monstrous for me because of the way I did it…
    Best of luck to you, my dear!! I have no idea what colleges are more friendly towards homeschoolers. I know a lot of them do have ridiculously different requirements; I’ve looked at a bunch too.


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