Hello, reader! Happy New Year to you! I feel compelled to admit that I barely made it until 10:00 PM. Slightly embarrassing, as my younger siblings both made it to and past midnight.

But first, a small apology: I have not yet gotten the hang of WordPress, which means that once in a while, I publish a fluke post. Or ten. Like the time I accidentally scheduled a post, and forgot about it, resulting in a half-finished post getting published around three in the morning.

Well, since it’s a new year, I’ve decided to branch out a little, as it were, into other period dramas. Anne of Green Gables, here we come! I’ve also given some thought to handwritten posts, quizzes, and possibly asking for guest posts.

So, dear reader: if you like the idea of Anne coming to visit this blog, have no aversions to reading copperplate handwriting, or would like to do a guest post, write back with the contact form, or use that handy reply box at the bottom of the page.

To new ideas, scope for the imagination, and bends in the road!


Yours, etc.

Miss Elizabeth.


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